You had an obscure article in your Northcoast Life section a while back that had huge relevance to my life at one time.

The article was about the development of the 747 jumbo jet 50 years ago.

My father, a senior executive with Bank of America, funded some of the loans for Boeing and Pan Am for this aircraft. It was a big deal in our family at the time, and I still have a plaque given to my Dad by Pan Am to commemorate the event.

As a side note, my Dad died of a glioblastoma brain cancer soon after turning 48 years old. He was in the prime of life and a candidate for bank president. He was also Native American from Texas. The bank recognized his brilliant mind and mentored him from age 25 on. He was in the occupying forces near Nagasaki for three and a half years, receiving radiation exposure, which most likely led to his early death.

C. Carpenter

Smith River