The gas tax is the only state money set aside to repair Last Chance Grade on U.S. 101. The average cost of the gas tax is 8 cents per gallon. If you get 20 miles to the gallon and have a 10-mile commute to work, the taxes you would end up paying at the end of the year would be $10. Multiply those $10 times the 40 million people who live in California, and that equals $400 million. Fund the Last Chance Grade project. Vote no on Prop 6, gas tax repeal.

The question is not if the road will fail, but when and how badly. Closure of Last Chance Grade would result in a 320-mile detour, adding six hours to the time it takes to drive from Klamath to Crescent City. Del Norte County alone with 27,000 people does not have the money to fix Last Chance Grade.

People in Del Norte County can avoid paying the gas tax completely by getting gas at the Rancheria or in Oregon. The people who live in Southern California would pay the gas tax to repair Last Chance Grade. Crescent City’s economy and safety depend on having a dependable highway. Vote no on Prop 6, the gas tax repeal.

Nancy Stemkoski

Crescent City