Competition is good, it keeps everyone else on their toes. I had my first experience Oct. 30 of going to the new Redwood Urgent Care, only to find out they don’t take MediCal or Medicare. They only take people who have private insurance or those who are able to pay cash.

Bringing something like that into a community where half of the population are on MediCal, the other half on Medicare, I don’t think was a wise choice but it did make the other urgent care on Washington change their Hours. They are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., as they were opening later. I was surprised they made changes to the good. There I received good care. And they still take Medicare and MediCal.

Now, if our supervisors would do their job and get our state and county to increase the medical payments to the providers, we might get a few more doctors and specialists in our area. There is very low compensation for what our providers do for their medical patients. How can we get our representatives to help this community and the people who continue to vote for them?

Rita Moore

Crescent City