By Dwane Griffin

This is for all you anti-gun liberals who think taking away AR-15’s is going to solve mass murders.

Let me clue you in. Gun deaths average around 30,000 per year. In 2016, gun deaths totaled 38,658. That included homicides, suicides, accidental deaths, etc., all combined. Mass shootings declined from 456 in 2016 to 433 in 2017. Just a small fraction of overall firearms deaths.

The FBI revealed Americans are much more likely to die from getting beaten, clubbed or stabbed to death than to be murdered using an AR-15 ( coined assault rifle ) or any other rifle. 2014 revealed only 248 people were killed from any form of rifle including AR-15 platform. In contrast, 3,827 people were killed from being stabbed or beaten to death. Contrary to popular belief, AR-15’s do not assault people. People assault people.

Now on the other hand, vehicle deaths in 2010 were 33,000. In 2016. it jumped up to over 40,000. That’s not counting the collateral damage that maimed or seriously injured innocent people.

So since you liberals are so bent on saving lives, it only stands to reason we need to eliminate all assault vehicles from our roadways. These assault vehicles kill thousands of innocent people every year and it needs to stop. These deaths are attributed to drunk drivers, texting while driving, reckless driving, speeding etc. So you need to get behind a Senate bill that outlaws assault vehicles from our roadways if you’re all about saving lives and stopping the carnage. These vehicles assault people every day of our lives.

But. But. But... we don’t drive while intoxicated. We don’t text while driving, drive recklessly or speed you say. Exactly. Pretty ridiculous don’t you think? Only a small fraction of people who break the law are causing these deaths. Not all law abiding drivers. Kind of like law abiding citizens who own guns don’t kill anyone. Only a fraction of the population who could care less about your safety and mine kill innocent people. These include criminals, mentally disturbed or anger management people or people who just snap.

You can’t control these people from doing harm to innocent people if they are hell bent on killing people. They will use homemade bombs, vehicles, box vans, semi’s, buses, knives, baseball bats, hammers, golf clubs. etc. You get the picture. If someone is deranged enough to want to kill people, they will find a way.

So stop believing all of the media hype politicizing these mass shootings. They’re only trying to incite the American people to push their globalist agenda of gun control. They use political pawns like David Hogg who are easily manipulated into pushing their anti-gun agenda.

Look at the big picture. Why are they politicizing these mass killings? The main objective is to confiscate every gun in America so the government has complete control of its people. How do you eat an elephant ? One bite at a time.

Once they have control, they will change the constitution so that they will take away all of your constitutional rights. They will own you and control you with no way of fighting back. Freedom will be over.

Just look at Nazi Germany, or North Korea to name a few. How did that work out for them? The only people who will have guns are the criminals, gang members and your controlled military.

If the liberals were serious about gun control, they would go into the ghetto’s like Chicago, Baltimore and L.A., just to name a few, and confiscate their guns. But the liberals would never do that because it would not be politically correct and it would be racial profiling. So they let the murders continue.

They will only confiscate the easy weapons from law abiding citizens to appease the masses to show they are doing something to save lives. Then it will be a green light for the criminals to rob, rape and kill with no worry about getting killed themselves. Easy targets. Don’t believe the hype.

Dwane Griffin lives in Crescent City.