Rachel and Kenneth Towe leased land in 1977 and built their Harbor Anchorage RV Park. On June 1, 2017, the (harbor) commissioners refused renewal of the widow

Towe’s lease and took the park over. No monies were paid.

A few years back, widow Barbara Fagan had buyers for her Captain’s Table restaurant. The commissioners refused to renew her lease and took over the building she and her deceased husband Jack had built. No monies were paid. Now, the commissioners lease the property and the building.

A few years back, businessman Marvin Leib wanted to lease the “boat graveyard” property and build a boardwalk with a number of stores. He was refused and the property still sits empty.

A few years back, the Harbor View Grotto’s owners were told if they wanted to renew their lease, the fee was going up 300 percent. Being financially unfeasible, the business had to relocate. The building was burned down as a fire exercise so it could not be taken over. This land sat empty for 21 years.

Chris Van Hook’s million-dollar abalone farm was destroyed because the CEO at that time did not renew dredging permits.

Scotty’s car has sat empty for years.

None of these parties violated any part of their lease. Lease durations vary — 10, 15, 30 years and who knows. Some are renewed, some are not? With this track record why would anyone want to invest their own money into building a business in this harbor .

Suzanne Dyer

Crescent City