Since children in English class are taught the difference between fact and opinion, then after reading Will Bunce’s endless diatribe against the Republican Party (Oct. 30), I am wondering if perhaps the Philadelphia Inquirer’s reporter and the editor of the Triplicate don’t know the difference themselves, or consider the readers in Crescent City so ignorant that we can’t recognize the difference between the two.

Yes, it was titled “HIAS Humanitarian Work Suddenly Drawing Fire,” and it was timely in that it brought to light the good that HIAS does, with examples of the work they do, but the overall article was marinated with propaganda against the Republican party.

What puzzles me is why you consistently choose to insult your Republican readers (my opinion) in a largely Republican county (fact). Please be mature and report facts, letting us decide for ourselves how to think and vote.

Betty Belitz

Crescent City