Thank God almighty for giving us a president who refuses to go along to get along. President Trump is the father of all time, which this nation has needed for years. Yes, I will back him all the way till the cows come home for shutting down our nation in order to achieve protection for our borders.

I have personally seen a video where Chuck Schumer asked Congress for $6.5 billion to build a wall for national security, yet none of the network medias want to show that video because it would make the Democrats responsible for this shutdown. Trump is only asking for $5.6 billion and because Trump actually knows how to run this nation the Democrats are fighting him all the way.

Yes, there have been two deaths and children separated from their parents at the border. But no one mentions the negligence of the parents for walking them across two countries without food, water, and necessary protections, and Democrats blame who? Trump. Videos I have seen, children receive clean clothes, food, electronics and education. I assure you they did not get that where they came from.

Let’s discuss Trump’s successes. Employment rate down to lowest this nation has ever seen. People have jobs, people have money for their families and people are happy.

Trump campaigned “Drain the Swamp” and has kept his promise throughout his presidency. Do people get fired? Many. But when you live in a barn the poop must be cleaned out daily.

How about bringing home our troops out of Syria and Afghanistan? Democrats should be happy about that? But no.

Trump, 2020 you have my vote unless something of great fault requires differently.

Linda Sutter

Crescent City