I have a recent letter to the editor to thank for this response. But this would best be directed to all of like mind. My Halloween costume was of the great divide in our country, but it was black humor; the division is terribly real.

The actions and behavior of the current illegal occupant of the POTUS position is the disaster of the century. It is stunning to see our democracy stumbling, our position of international leadership crumbling, and our land, water, health, and natural resources up for grabs to the most aggressive of corporate giants.

Oh my gosh, some perspective beyond the insulated safety of your secure home might help you to understand that the asylum seeker caravans are on the ragged edge of survival, escaping a more certain and awful death where they came from. Negligent? They were making a best option choice for survival for them and their children.

I have to ask the writer, what was the source of the video clip you personally saw on Chuck Schumer’s comment? From where do you perceive the need or effectiveness of a physical wall to keep “very bad people” from Latin countries out? I am guessing Fox News or the like.

Unemployment rates are following the same trend they were during Obama’s recovery acts from the ‘08 recession. With Trump’s removal of regulations to keep such a recession from happening again, however, you can expect a repeat. Only this time there is no safety net, thanks to Trump driving the debt into the trillions with his tax giveaway to his puppet master corporate friends.

I guess we’re talking about different bodies of water if you feel Trump, the shifty business tycoon, is draining the swamp. Large corporations and government are lining up together to wreak a hideous havoc on natural resources, health and the role of science in informing critical decisions about all of our lives.

There is a reason that the entirety of respected and fact-based reporters find few positive things to say about the man. Trumpsters now are compelled to label good journalism as the liberal left in order to justify support for the stream of documented lies, denials and illegal activity gushing from the White House.

Wow, and I haven’t even got to the rampant violations of the emoluments clause of our constitution all over in the form of his international hotels and business dealings with dictators, nor the glaring evidence of foreign manipulation of people to help get him in the White House, or the sleazy sexist, bigoted, charlatan nature of his personality. The federal shutdown is just the latest demonstration that this president is unfit to serve.

Craig Strong

Crescent City