California has blood on its hands. Sanctuary State, aka California Values Act passed via Senate Bill 54 and signed by former Gov. Jerry Brown, has taken another casualty: the latest victim is Newman police Cpl. Ronil Singh, 33, who was murdered by a twice-convicted DUI, deported, and admitted gang member from Mexico. Sadly, it’s just another statistic on a list of victims that totals into the tens of thousands, since 9/11.

Sanctuary State law must be repealed. This misguided legislation not only fails to protect law-abiding folks but actually places the public in real danger. The law handcuffs law enforcement and its mission, which is to protect and serve.

Singh’s assassination takes me back to April 29, 2002, when my family friend, Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff David William March, 33, on a routine traffic stop, was shot and killed by a three-times drug-convicted and twice-deported illegal alien who fled back to his native Mexico where he lived free as a bird for 4 ½ years while California and Mexico squabbled over the death penalty. Today, the convicted coward is in corrections custody on a life without parole sentence. May he never see, smell, or experience freedom again.

In previous writings, I vowed never to utter the name of March’s killer or any other low-lives who flaunt American law and commit these heinous crimes. I shall honor the Singh family and ignore the name of Singh’s murderer.

Allow me to address the problem of people who come here not to work but to commit crimes. Law Enforcement on all levels must be allowed to work together, share information and prevent these very dangerous individuals from continuing to victimize innocents. The list of those who have been victims of illegal aliens who have committed sexual assault, drunk driving, domestic violence, murder and other felonious behavior reads almost endlessly. The list of those who’ve lost their lives to someone who should not have been allowed to be in the United States is staggering. I refer you to the website, Victims of Illegal Alien Memorial, to read about some of these tragic cases, the latest victim is Singh.

Here are just a few of the victims you may remember: Molly Tibbitts, a sophomore at the University of Iowa, 20, who was murdered while out jogging, this past summer; James Dennis Lee, 14, while riding his bicycle and was run down and killed by a hit and run drunk driver in Lansing, Michigan; The Bologna Family, caught in a gang shootout in San Francisco. Father Tony, 48, and two sons, Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16, were gunned down by an MS13 gang member; the hit and run death of Christopher Peter “ Buddy” Rowe, 4, who was run down in a Santa Rosa crosswalk holding his twin sister Mimi’s hand, by an unlicensed and intoxicated pizza delivery driver.

These crimes were all committed by individuals who should not have been permitted entry into the United States. The long victims list is sobering. The short list of those with blood on their hands are every member of the state Senate and Assembly who supported this now-enacted SB 54 law including Sen. Mike McGuire and Assembly member Jim Wood, representing Del Norte County, former Gov. Jerry Brown who signed the bill and state Sen. Kevin de Leon who wrote this vile legislation, They all have blood on their hands.

At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisor meeting, I will ask our board to place on the agenda for the next meeting, a letter to McGuire and Wood to introduce a bill repealing SB 54. In February 2017, our board was deadlocked 2-2 ( Gitlin and Berkowitz yes, Howard and Cowan no on a letter of opposition to Sanctuary State with Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen abstaining on this vital matter. Rescind Sanctuary State.

Roger Gitlin is a Del Norte County supervisor.