Wacky — Webster defines it as absurdly or amusingly eccentric or irrational. Wacky is the only word I could think of when I read a story in the Curry Coastal Pilot newspaper about an idea the Citizens Revenue Task Force is floating to raise money for Curry County.

You’re not going to believe this but they have come up with the idea of charging a toll of $1 per vehicle axle on their southern border. I’m not kidding. You can’t make this stuff up. It makes you wonder if they’re smoking too much of their legal product up there in Curry County.

Curry County Commissioner Chris Paasch didn’t think that Del Norte County residents would think twice about paying a toll to enter Curry County. Apparently he failed to check out the reaction to this proposal from people on Facebook. Over 60 people commented on the story with almost all of the reaction very negative to the idea of a toll.

When this proposal hit that site, several people had some choice comments about the proposal. One respondent pointed out that “it’s a bad idea. I go there about 2 times a week sometimes. I probably wouldn’t go up there again unless I had to if I had to pay to enter.”

Another person commented by saying “Absolutely ridiculous. When people decide not to go there (Curry County) any longer then it would actually cost them in revenue, effectively shooting themselves in their own foot.”

Isn’t it ironic that when governments, at many levels, seek to raise revenue, they always say that someone else will pay. Whether it’s the favorite bad guy, the rich, or people who live out of the area, or some other designated group, it’s always couched in the form that you will get the benefit while someone else will pay.

Let’s face it, government services cost money and if we want the service, we must pay the freight. It’s a lesson that I believe the leaders of Curry County should face head on.

Bob Berkowitz

Crescent City