Recently I got a letter from my district’s supervisor, Bob Berkowitz. It really angered me. It says that lots of Klamath folks wonder why the power goes off so often (much more than Crescent City, for example) and stays off longer. This supervisor then says that he contacted PacifiCorp’s “spokesperson” and was told (basically) that it’s the National Park Service’s fault for not maintaining roads to access the power lines.

So, this dude spent our tax dollars to give us this very predictable corporate excuse.

A supervisor who really cared about Klamath would have then gone to the Park Service to get their side of the story. He (or, I hope, next election “she”) would have contacted the California Public Utilities Commission to determine if we have more and longer outages as compared to other coastal communities.

A supervisor who cared about us would have gone to bat for us, questioning whether the corporation has done enough to keep its power-line rights of way cleared of the “trees” that PacifiCorp usually tells us in recorded messages was the “cause” of the power outage. Really? Or was it the companies failure to properly maintain its right of way? PacifiCorp has legal access and can put in culverts, etc. if needed to access its power lines.

Looks like we need a supervisor who cares, who shows she cares by her actions and who will not waste out taxes to mail us lame reports on shiny, expensive paper.

Please recycle.

Felice Pace

Klamath Glen