My spouse and I moved to Crescent City about three years ago. We fell in love with the beautiful coastline and the majestic redwoods. We were looking forward to the transition from a fast-paced impersonal larger city to what we thought would be a slower-paced, friendlier lifestyle in a smaller town.

While we were correct about the slower pace of life in Crescent City, we are sorry to say that the friendlier aspect that we were hoping for has not shown itself to be present. We have both done our best to attend local events, have joined local groups and have been out and about in town

We have gotten smiles from people off and on but so far no one has approached us with a welcoming greeting.

Our gut feeling is that too many longtime Crescent City residents are not open to or suspicious of new residents. The truth is that as lifetime residents age, they will die off. In order for Crescent City to thrive, it needs an influx of new residents. As it is, the population of the city has been steadily dropping for years.

So I have a request to the Crescent City citizens. When you see that a new family has moved to your street or see someone you’ve seen around town but haven’t met yet, say hi and introduce yourself. Ask them how they are liking the area. Ask them if they have any questions about the area. Bring them brownies. Be friendly to the newbies. They may well be the future of Crescent City and you may even make some new friends.

Kirk Petersen

Crescent City