Recently a member of District 5 of Klamath wrote in complaining about Supervisor Bob Berkowitz and his alleged lack of concern for the Klamath residents. This in my opinion is the beginning of a hoax campaign. The truth of the matter is, Supervisor Berkowitz goes out of his way on his own dime to make contact with his constituents. He does not use public funding for the letter that he sends out twice a year, to his constituents.

If the tribal members were so concerned about their representation for the District 5, they would show up to at least one meeting a year other than making an appearance for the cannabis issue. But no. The tribal members never show up for much of anything, maybe because it is too early to get out of bed and travel 19 miles to attend the meetings held twice a month at 10 a.m.

In my opinion what we don’t need on the Board of Supervisors are people who get elected and never show up to their post which is common among the tribal members. Berkowitz went to Washington on his own dime for the benefit of the Last Chance Grade. Berkowitz went to China on his own dime for the benefit of Del Norte County. Berkowitz went to bat for the Klamath Chamber of Commerce to receive more money to enhance their tourism.

Now the failure of Klamath is a result of their own environment of corruption, inability to send successful telepathic messages, and laziness. The criminal element alone speaks volumes. We don’t need someone from Klamath representing Klamath, what Klamath needs is an alarm clock and representation who will take the time to voice their concerns at a BOS meeting instead of complaining in a newspaper.

Linda Sutter

Crescent City