Some county supervisors will go the extra mile to ensure that the people they represent are informed. When the power was out for several days, Supervisor Bob Berkowitz wanted to know why it is out more often in Klamath than any other area in our county.

He contacted Pacific Power, got the facts, then he went the extra mile and sent letters to the affected residents, explaining the situation and what was being done.

Considering there is no money in the county budget to send letters to the people, he sent and paid for over a thousand letters to the people who were affected.

Just last week when Berkowitz was informed that a power pole was in danger of falling over Highway 169, he notified Pacific Power of the situation and got a commitment from them to replace the pole this week, then Berkowitz sent Facebook postings out to the Klamath area, letting them know what the power company was planning.

Some elected officials talk a good line but do nothing else. Berkowitz, on the other hand, holds daily “Town Hall” meetings to keep in touch with us on a regular basis. He also sends a yearly update to explain what your Del Norte County Board of Supervisors is accomplishing for us. This letter goes to most all of the people of the 5th District at his own expense. But that’s not all. He gets his hands dirty by participating in many community Take a Bite out of Blight projects.

We owe a big thank you to Berkowitz, a supervisor who cares.

Doug Parton

Crescent City