Hi, I have been a resident here in Crescent city for about five years. Recently I fell on some financially hard times, and here’s my story, I like to share with the readers.

Due to the high winds and heavy rains recently, my hot water heater vent cap blows off. Not knowing what to do for I’m a senior citizen and climbing the roof was not a possibility. So, on my way to the grocery store. I passed a truck with the name of Logan’s Plumbing. I approached his truck and asked him if you like to make a quick $40?

The kind man looked at me, and asked me what the problem was, I was on my bike and not very well dressed, due to my fixed-income. I asked him if he could possibly go up on my roof and reinstall my hot water heater vent cap. He gave me a curious smile and followed me home, installed the cap and didn’t ask for a dime.

I’d like to thank him and his company for helping me.

George Pullen

Crescent City