I completely agree the border wall must be built. Our country cannot continue to sustain and support those illegals that are already here.

We have “Americans” living in our country that are starving and homeless. Any moneys should go to these “Americans.”

It’s bad enough that former Governor Jerry Brown made California a sanctuary state. It’s not right that illegals can stay here and essentially do what they want without the fear of deportation.

Those trying to cross the border and want to claim asylum should go back to respective countries.

Our country will quickly run out of space and funds for all these people. Eventually all resources will be drained.

I do feel sorry for these people but a line has to drawn and limits set.

Also, if and when there is another government shutdown, those who go without pay should start at the top with the president and the Congress working down through the government.

Congress is made up of nothing more than a bunch of old fogies. There should be no one over the age of 60. They’re all to set in their ways. Nothing’s going to change until we get a new Congress.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City