I am a resident of Klamath Glen, one of Klamath’s neighborhoods. Recently a second letter from Supervisor Bob Berkowitz who was elected to represent Klamath communities as well as some other parts of Del Norte County appeared in my mailbox. This time Mr. Berkowitz seeks to take credit for the clean-up of what he calls “The Klamath Glen Levee.” I’ve never heard it called that before; what he is referring to is mostly private property that is beyond the levee and is the site of a now-defunct private RV park.

Berkowitz says that “we are working on” the clean-up. He has since clarified in an email to me that by “we” he means the County of Del Norte; it does not appear that Berkowitz has actually participated personally.

The Yurok Tribe has been coordinating clean-ups at this location and throughout Klamath for the past 17 years. I’ve participated in most of those clean-ups. It is true that Del Norte Solid Waste is part of the coalition that facilitates the annual clean-ups under the leadership of the Yurok Tribe. The county provides the dumpsters and hauls away the trash that is collected. That is actually their responsibility but those participating in the cleanup appreciate it anyway.

For a full description of the current clean-up at Klamath Glen check out the current issue of Yurok Today, the Yurok Tribe’s newsletter which, unfortunately, is not yet available online. If the county had been doing its job competently, the landowner would have been made to clean up the private property; that’s called “code enforcement.”

Berkowitz contacted me after my recent letter reacting negatively to him claiming credit for various things for which he deserves no personal credit. He insists that he used his own money, not county funds, to pay for the mailing. I have no reason to doubt Berkowitz’s assertion that he used personal, not county funds, for the mailings. I believe him on that point.

I do not think it is right for Berkowitz to use the term “we” in an attempt to personally take credit for things that he did nothing to create and, as far as I can tell, has not personally participated in. But I’d be happy to greet him and to give him credit if he does show up at the next Klamath clean-up day.

Felice Pace

Klamath Glen