Daphane Williams

Sometime last year I was at a Wild Rivers Foundation board meeting and was sitting and waiting for things to start when Dr. Kevin Caldwell sat next to me and started asking questions regarding Lynn’s Hope House of New Beginnings (LHHoNB). Questions were answered, Caldwell stated he would be in touch.

Months went by, the new year came and went. Then I received a call from one of the volunteers, who stated she was on a board with Caldwell and she had mentioned that she was volunteering once a week to counsel. Caldwell requested she call me and have me contact him, which I did. He stated he may be in a position to now help LHHoNB’s and wanted to schedule a time to meet and he would like to bring his daughter also because it was a family fund and he wanted her present.

The meeting was scheduled at LHHoNB so they could have a tour of the house. We had a question and answer session and afterward, Caldwell stated LHHoNB was the type of community project the Caldwell Fund would like to fund, then stated they would like to give $25,000 and asked if there was somewhere in particular we would like the funds to go or would the general fund be OK. It was decided best use of the money would be to have the money go to the general fund.

LHHoNB was designed so the program fee from the women who lived in the home would cover all of the household expenses. Fundraisers, grants and donations from other sources would cover other expenses. But in the event there were not enough women in the home to cover all expenses, fundraisers would need to be conducted to make up the difference.

At this time we have one client in the home who has been there since Dec. 3. We have had other applications. Some have been approved and some denied but thanks to the generous donation from the Caldwell Clan Fund we don’t have to jump right into a fundraiser yet, knowing bills are covered for a time. We can use this opportunity to research fundraisers as well as continue to look for other funding opportunities that would pay salaries for full-time employees.

LHHoNB has one volunteer that comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 4 p.m, which allows me to run errands and conduct other business. Whenever the client is in the house I am in the house including overnight.

I am very thankful for a couple board members who have stayed overnight to allow me to go home and visit with my husband at least three nights a week. I would like to acknowledge and thank MaryLou Pettaway in particular who has been giving me the overnight home opportunities weekly for several months. I am grateful that my husband understands my passion and dedication to this ministry and is supportive. Not only am I married (27½ years), I am the mother of two adult children and seven grandchildren and try to give all some of my time and attention along with LHHoNB.

Thank you again to the Caldwell Clan and their Caldwell Clan Fund.

A few words from a client’s perspective:

“On Dec. 3, I walked out of jail into a home that welcomed me with open arms despite all my character flaws and defects. Thanks to Daphane Williams, the founder of the house, and the First Baptist Church for allowing Daphane Williams to fulfill her dream by allowing her the use of a house on their property, where I’m the first woman to move in and start my journey of healing.

“Four months ago, I was living in my car completely hopeless. I was arrested and quite honestly my life was saved thanks to the Del Norte County Jail and their amazing group of correctional officers who kept me going and encouraged me through the worst detox of my life. It was in the Del Norte County Jail where I met Daphane Williams. One night I decided to go to church. Honestly, I went because I just wanted to get out of my tank. There was Daphane. She ministered to the women at the jail. She gave me hope and later told me about her faith-based transitional (sober) living house. That was the answer. That was the only way that I was going to make it. I owe my life to Lynn’s Hope House of New Beginnings. I am now able to be a parent once again, a friend, and a sister, thanks to the support everyone has given me.

“I just wanted to acknowledge and give thanks and praise to Daphane Williams whom I have grown to love, respect and admire, to the board members, Pastor Blake (Inscore) and the First Baptist Church, who all made this possible by realizing the absolute need for this type of housing and allowing Daphane through God to help change lives.

“I also want to add that due to the fact that I am the only person in the home and that my program fee is not enough to keep the house going, I want to thank the Caldwell Clan Fund for their donation, which allows me to continue to be here on my healing journey.

“I have no words that can possibly thank you all in the way that you deserve. Instead, I will show you by succeeding and being the woman God had intended me to be.

“Daphane Williams I love you so much. You are family to me and Daphane. As much as I think you deserve the praise, she will tell you that it’s God who deserves all the praise and glory because without God, none of this would be possible.”

To every individual, business or organization that has donated money, services or items to Lynn’s Hope House of New Beginnings, we truly thank you for your support.

Lynn’s Hope House of New Beginnings Board:

Daphane Williams — founder, director

Jennifer Dutton — chair

Erik Apperson — vice chair

Marylou Pettaway — secretary

Darla Miller — treasurer

Jocelyn Woodral

Thelma Uche-Obasi

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact me at 707-218-4239, you can call or text, as well as email at lynnshopehouseofnewbeginnings@gmail.com . You can find us on Facebook or visit our website at www.lynnshopehouseofnewbeginnings.com.

Daphane Williams is founder and director of Lynn’s Hope House of New Beginnings in Crescent City.