If you have lived in Crescent City for the past several years, you may remember a peculiar individual, a fellow who sang, played guitar and sometimes preached near the Crescent City post office entrance on top of a milk crate. His activities caught your attention, inspired or perhaps annoyed or even angered you.

On Sundays, he was often seen with a few other volunteers holding church service and feeding the homeless in the vacant lot across from Burger King. This was not ordinary either. Perhaps you wondered, “Where did that odd fellow go?”

Several factors became reasons for my transition from California to middle Tennessee: New horizons of opportunity for music, ministry, and a new home with acreage. Another reason was a need to leave bittersweet experiences, to form new memories.

April 23, 2018, my father, Thomas Pawloski Sr., 75, a long-time local, passed on to the bosom of his heavenly Father. Though he was not visible as I was in the community, he was a poet, a writer about Del Norte County, author of “Crescent City, Jewel of the Pacific,” found at the Del Norte library.

He was active in helping the hurting and homeless, one who prayed often for the people of Del Norte County, a friend of Bill W., and among those who knew him, a person who deeply cared about people’s souls. As life goes on in your communities, know that a poet has been among you — his life is still touching yours...

Tom Pawloski

Director, Reach Out Ministries

Whitleyville, Tennessee