Once again John Stossel insults basic intelligence in his latest column on cronyism. He actually blames politicians for lobbyists and unmitigated corporate greed.

Maybe if giant corporations with billionaire CEOs paid their fair share of taxes like the rest of us, they wouldn’t have so many millions to spend on lawyers and lobbyists. Instead of “buying” politicians, Amazon, Walmart, etc., should pay their workers a living wage.

Many large corporations paid no taxes in 2018. That is corporate welfare. Without some tax and health regulations, many corporations turn a blind eye to suffering Americans.

There are Americans who can no longer afford life-saving insulin because a greedy corporation with a billionaire CEO is gouging them. There are Americans who have undrinkable water and suffer from asthma due to pollution. Corporate greed takes jobs overseas and is bad for our health.

The Triplicate should balance Stossel’s extreme views with an alternative opinion so I don’t have to write a letter every week.

Jonnel Covault

Crescent City