Thursday, I spent a few hours in ER. Yes, a few hours. This is one of the biggest complaints I hear of long waits from both publications and conversations. Having been an LVN in my past, I had to learn to take patient complaints and prioritize them as to the most serious.

Having said that, I went there with complaints of ongoing dizziness and leg pain after more than a week. I was taken excellent care of by the nurses and a great caregiver Greg Smiley. He ordered a large variety of tests for me to eliminate anything life-threatening.

I was taken to various testing areas via a wheelchair because of the extreme pain I had walking even a short distance. Not once was I treated with anything but kindness and concern. The tests were diagnosed and a decision was made that while my concern was justified and of concern, it could be dealt with by my physical and ophthalmologist as a follow-up. Several patients were brought in by ambulance during my stay and I understood the need for patience on my own issue.

I see and hear about efforts made by those concerned by medical needs by our community members. They want to avoid long trips and have their medical issues addressed in a satisfactory manner. I do see both sides of the issue. I understand the different concerns as well.

I love Del Norte and Crescent City, its beauty and its population. I appreciate us having an airport and the mercy flights, our citizens resolving to help those in need. I would suggest we do all we can to make things better, not worse. I would be among the first to have the right to complain if I see wrongdoings but if I do that, I ought to be able to figure out what I can do in even a small way to help make it better. My old mother used to say “Complaining never moved a car out of a driveway.” As I stepped into her shoes, so to speak, and into adulthood, I carried that quote and advice with me.

Let’s step forward if our health allows and not be a complaining part of the problems. We need to work to make this county and our town even better then it already is.

Thank you, Sutter Coast Hospital. I believe with all my heart, I could not have received better care. I am following up as I was advised upon discharge so I, too, can move forward and further resolve the issues.

Thank you for your time.

Vickey Stamps

Crescent City