I would like to know why something can’t be done about the homeless camping at the cemetery.

I was attending my parents’ grave at Easter. On my way to the veterans side to see my husband’s grave, four to six men came down the hill from the Catholic side. One of them took flowers from a grave and laughed as he picked the petals off, dancing around.

As they came close to me I asked him why he would do that. He said because he could. The dead don’t care, why should I?

As they walked away, the bigger guy peed on a grave, turned and saluted me. I called him a dirty SOB. Not very smart because I was by myself. My daughter lives in Redding. She bought two solar flags for her dad’s grave. They were beautiful and lasted a week before they were taken.

So, again I ask, why can’t something be done?

Margie Marrow

Crescent City