Great letter written by my good friend and fellow dog walker Laureen Yamakido published on May 11. However, now I would like to submit a clarification.

The county does not pay for the spaying or neutering of most dogs adopted from the Del Norte Animal Control. For the past eight years, a handful of dedicated volunteers have tirelessly spent even more of their free time fundraising for the money to ensure that dogs adopted out are not going to contribute to the unwanted pet population in our county. Generous community members have also donated funds designated for this purpose.

I also agree wholeheartedly about the need for more volunteers, and more funding. Our community has responded to several pleas from the facility, and amazing individuals have made huge differences in the quality of the lives of homeless pets. Animal Control patrolling has more than doubled in the past two years, and this brings the inevitable increase in seizures of neglected, stray, abandoned, or abused animals to the facility. Unfortunately, the county appears to be operating on an otherwise antiquated budget and a skeleton crew of actual animal caregivers who also must keep the building and grounds maintained.

The bottom line is that spaying and neutering these animals helps to reduce the number of strays and unwanted dogs in our community. Irresponsible and accidental breeding contributes to dog attacks and bites. When you see our Dogs of Del Norte County Volunteer table set up selling raffle tickets, stop by and chat or share stories and photos of your loved pet. And contribute a dollar or two. Small steps can make large strides.

Liz Carver

Crescent City