In regards to your opinion in the Triplicate entitled “Lots we can do locally on homeless,” quoting paragraph three “address some very serious behaviors: public urination, public deification, open drug and alcohol abuse, disturbing the peace and other related illegal and anti-social behaviors...”

As a home-owning constituent of our city and county district, I am still waiting for you to make good on your word to address the head and tail of the snake on J Street. You and I have discussed at length on countless occasions during the past several years, both in person and by email since your inception as district one supervisor the subject of California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control violations which are in extreme violation at and near the corner of 9th and J Streets in district one, a stones throw from the Flynn building where the BOS and city council meet.

I have supplied both you and ABC detailed lists of the violations that occur continuously and daily presenting a public nuisance and health hazard to business owners, homeowners, and all who work, reside and travel near this location. Two major categories are: 1. Operating a disorderly house. 2. Selling to habitual drunkards.

Further ABC violations include alcohol is being publicly consumed on and near liquor store property, public fighting, loud, vulgar language, loud music from its patrons vehicles and boom boxes by those walking to and from purchasing alcohol, empty alcohol containers, used syringes and other litter discarded to excess onto and in propinquity to city and county sidewalks, streets, and into nearby yards and driveways, drunk driving, speeding, multiple traffic collisions, near-miss collisions daily.

As you and I have also discussed, public urination and defecation is also a large, disgusting problem in this area. While many offenders are transients, many more offenders have jobs, automobiles and roofs over their heads. The intersection of 9th and J Street is the head of the snake.

The tail of the snake is the large transient camp in the wooded area on the east side of the cemetery. J Street is the corridor by which drunken and hard-drug addicted transients and others loitering in the cemetery stumble back and forth to buy alcohol. While en-route, these subjects annoyingly panhandle homeowners standing in their front yards, or walking on the sidewalk.

Perhaps if you spent more time in this district one and less time living in Medford, you might finally endeavor to take a bite out of blight on J Street, as we members of this neighborhood watch have repeatedly requested. One of your many past excuses is that you are a county supervisor, and this end of J Street is within the city limits. Perhaps you should request the city portion of district one be given to another supervisor to actually supervise since you feel the city areas of your district is not your responsibility.

John Wood,

J Street Neighborhood Watch