Last week, a very tall, handsome, athletic looking man with blue eyes, burst through the front door of the Triplicate newspaper and said to the two older ladies working the front desk, “That article Sucks!” He left promptly. We had no idea what he was talking about.

Upon investigation, as it turns out, that article he referred to was an op-ed column on male entitlement.

How ironic, because none of the really nice men who work here would ever speak to us in that tone or use the word “sucks,” which is graphic and disgusting, when speaking to us. It didn’t seem to occur to him that this behavior might frighten us.

This gentleman returned to the office, I assume, because he felt bad about it and good for him. He wrote a Coastal Voices, and also, good for him. It was published. Good for us.

It is my opinion that the behavior he exhibited here in our office is exactly what that article was addressing. It is so important when facing a problem to know what the problem actually is. It is the unconscious things we do that prompt us to evolve as humans.

Linda Stevens

Front Desk Clerk

Del Norte Triplicate