Letter: Urgent Care does accept Medicare

In response to Rita Moore’s letter to the editor in Tuesday’s (Nov. 6) newspaper titled … Read more

Letter: Triplicate should give fair coverage to news

One of the women who accused Brett Kavanaugh of rape has now come out and … Read more

Letter: Public works crew did at great job

A couple of days ago we were walking on our usual ocean-front path at the … Read more

Letter: Lots of coffee, auto parts, why no Arby’s?

People of Crescent City, why are there so many car repair shops, and coffee shops … Read more

Letter: DN voters elected a bunch of crooks

In response to Randy Hatfield’s “Linda Sutter ads disturbing” on Nov. 3. Since I was … Read more

Letter: ER should have two doctors on duty

On Nov. 2, I had to go to the emergency room at Sutter Coast Hospital. … Read more

Letter: Come celebrate end of ban on commercial cannabis

This Tuesday (Nov. 13), the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors will vote on the … Read more

Letter: Opposition to Measure C was not simply about taxes

I suspect that without all the hand-wringing by the supporters of Measure C, that Ms. … Read more

Letter: Ending ban will improve control of cannabis use

Ending ban will improve control of cannabis use Del Norte County voters have made their … Read more

Letter: Special mention of grand marshal Jimmie Ellis

Hats off to our community for recognizing women service veterans as marshals for our Veterans … Read more

Coastal Voices: We are lucky to have this husband and wife

From Miss Huntington Beach in 1963 to chief health care provider (E6) in 1983 —former … Read more

Letter: Look at whole picture of prison system

We need to look at the whole picture, not part. We need to look at … Read more

Letter: Democrats pathetically scapegoat Kavanaugh

It is so pathetic that the Democrats are scapegoating the creepy porn lawyer for Brett … Read more

Letter: Harbor has a bad track record with local businesses

Rachel and Kenneth Towe leased land in 1977 and built their Harbor Anchorage RV Park. … Read more

Letter: Triplicate consistently insults its Republican readers

Since children in English class are taught the difference between fact and opinion, then after … Read more

Letter: Supervisors should help bring doctors to area

Competition is good, it keeps everyone else on their toes. I had my first experience … Read more

Coastal Voices: Why are mass killings politicized for gun control?

This is for all you anti-gun liberals who think taking away AR-15’s is going to … Read more

Letter: Pharmacy associate deserves recognition

There is an associate who works at the Walmart pharmacy that I want to give … Read more

Coastal Voices: The harbor needs our help; vote yes on Measure C

Most of us who were here remember something about March 11, 2011. Anyone who does … Read more

Letter: Gas tax funds Last Chance Grade repairs

The gas tax is the only state money set aside to repair Last Chance Grade … Read more

Letter: Getting facts right about why Measure C should pass

There have been a number of things presented in the paper about the harbor in … Read more

Letter: Disturbing claims in Linda Sutter ad

I am extremely disturbed by Linda Sutter’s ad in which she implies that there is … Read more

Letter: Support for Forkner and Greenough

Jamie Forkner, Angela Greenough, and Don MacArthur are running for re-election for school board. Trustee … Read more

Letter: Measure B created for long-term sustainability

The Del Norte Growers Association supports this reasonable way of generating the resources the county … Read more

Letter: Measure C the fairest way to help harbor

There sure has been a lot of interesting issues dealing with Measure C and the … Read more

Letter: Voters beware of trickery in initiatives

Every time I vote my ballot, I feel duped by all the political jargon and … Read more

Letter: Reasons to vote no on Measure C

I am opposed to Measure C unless and until a review of harbor finances is … Read more

Coastal Voices: Make California great again; Cox for governor

When my sister graduated from Los Angeles High School in the 1950’s, California was number … Read more

Letter: Proposition 6 is not in our interest

Repeal the gas tax (SB 1 of 2017)? Speaking for our county, Prop 6 is … Read more

Letter: Harbor’s debt a community issue

After the (Crescent City) Harbor’s inner boat basin was hit by tsunamis in 2006 and … Read more

Letter: Demand action on lily bulb pesticides

Covered extensively in this paper is the controversy surrounding the usage of hundreds of thousands … Read more

Letter: Vote for Jan Wortman

The Fifth District school board position is open. It is not just the Fifth District … Read more

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