Coastal Voices: Coming together for town hall to tackle homeless crisis

Del Norte County is coming together like never before to tackle one of our toughest … Read more

Coastal Voices: Lynn’s Hope House gets boost from big donation

Sometime last year I was at a Wild Rivers Foundation board meeting and was sitting … Read more

Coastal Voices: Be bold at McGuire’s homeless town hall meeting

On April 18th, state Sen. Mike McGuire and local officials will be holding a town … Read more

Letter: Lynn’s Hope House looking for volunteers, donations

Lynn’s Hope House of New Beginnings is faith-based transitional housing for women leaving jail or … Read more

Letter: Stossel misses the mark on democratic socialsim again

Once again I’d like to reply to John Stossel’s column covering the crisis in Venezuela, … Read more

Letter: Telemarketing phone calls have to be stopped

The government says they can’t do anything about this telemarketing on our phones. I’ve been … Read more

Triplicate Roundtable: Mayor Blake Inscore Part 3

Editor’s note: This is the third segment of a recent lengthy discussion with Crescent City … Read more

Raising money for suicide prevention newspaper insert

April is Mental Health Awareness Month, and addressing rural mental health in coastal Southern Oregon … Read more


Editor’s note: This is the second segment of a recent lengthy discussion with Crescent City … Read more

Coastal Voices: Investing in tomorrow’s nurses

I can’t remember a time I didn’t want to be a nurse. It was the … Read more

Letter: Democracy, capitalism thrive on competition on a level playing field

John Stossel’s opinion piece on taxing the rich leaves out one major factor that makes … Read more

Coastal Voices: ‘American could do well to emulate New Zealand’

“When any part of the body suffers, the whole body feels pain,” New Zealand Prime … Read more

Letter: Take some time to plan and share during Tsunami Awareness Week

It’s fitting that this week is called Tsunami Awareness Week because both of our most … Read more

Letter: Underdog is looking for some help from someone in the community

I want to be your friend, I want to be your neighbor and I want … Read more

Coastal Voices: 'Your community voice is powerful beyond your expectations'

You folks made the difference. Since the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals decision back … Read more

Coastal Voices: Is dam removal the best scenario for us?

While I most certainly appreciate the time and effort that has gone into Matt Cox’s … Read more

Costal Voices: There will always be a need for local information

It’s no secret to the readers that some two months ago Western, Communications Inc., the … Read more

Letter: Thanks to Jon Alexander for sharing story

As a new resident of the beautiful North Coast area of California, I am glad … Read more

Letter: Take pride in your neighborhood

Now that things have started to dry out a little please take pride in your … Read more

Letter: Shouldn’t a name change come with the publication changes?

You should change the name of the Triplicate to The Duplicate since you are only … Read more

Letter: Supervisor Berkowitz uses term “we” to receive undue credit

I am a resident of Klamath Glen, one of Klamath’s neighborhoods. Recently a second letter … Read more

Letter: Dehumanizing experience trying to apply for Medi-Cal

So, on the recommendation of Covered California, I went to Del Norte Social Services on … Read more

Letter: GOP would be screaming for investigation if tables turned

It’s about time that Democrats investigate all of Trump’s ugly family and cronies. Now the … Read more

Who among us are the wealthiest?

For some uncanny reason, whether it was the Philadelphia Phillies $330 million contract inked with … Read more

Letter: U.S. cannot continue to support more illegals when we have Americans starving, homeless

I completely agree the border wall must be built. Our country cannot continue to sustain … Read more

Letter: Racist Democratic party is always trying to find ways to steal elections

Once upon a time the Democrat party was against giving women the vote because they … Read more

Letter: The biggest problem we face is that entire system seems flawed

Justice does not exist. You feel like you’re being buried alive. No one can call … Read more

Klamath Dam removal facts should inspire support

I was glad to see Samuel Strait weighing in on Klamath Dam removal (Coastal Voices: … Read more

Letter: Thanks to all who made airport terminal ribbon cutting a success

On behalf of the Border Coast Regional Airport Authority we would like to express our … Read more

Costal Voices: Face what divides us to eliminate fear

Almost every day we read about white women who have disappeared and within hours hundreds … Read more

Oppose “5-star resort” and golf course in Smith River

A recent Triplicate article “A and 2nd street condo site sold” noted the stated intention … Read more

Thanks to local plumbing company for the help

Hi, I have been a resident here in Crescent city for about five years. Recently … Read more

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