Letter: These people give the homeless a bad name

After reading Tony Reed’s homeless article, I can remain silent no longer. I totally agree … Read more

Letter: AB 1356 would increase pot tax revenue and help out in areas that have lacked local guidance

Prop. 64 passed by 57 percent of the vote in 2016, and two-thirds of the … Read more

Letter: Bernie Sanders fighting to save Social Security, among other things

Many millennials and others support Bernie Sanders because he wants to implement Medicare for all … Read more

Letter: Volunteers needed to pull European beachgrass in Tolowa Dunes park

Do you want to help restore dunes, benefit wildlife, and volunteer outside in a beautiful … Read more

Letter: There are countless reasons to want to live in Del Norte County

Why would anyone choose to live in Del Norte County? A senior 82-year-old widow living … Read more

Coastal Voices: A message dedicated to forgotten mothers

So often mothers give their life to raising kids and are forgotten when kids move … Read more

Coastal Voices: Presidential candidates must release tax returns

On May 13, the Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee voted unanimously to support SB … Read more

Coastal Voices: Removal of dams will do little for Klamath salmon

While I appreciate efforts by the Triplicate, April 18, 2019, “Gitlin’s town hall includes dam … Read more

Letter: Nice people around Crescent City

I injured my left hand. It being in a cast and living alone, I was … Read more

Letter: Assange does what media used to

News outlets should be screaming 24 hours to have Julian Assange busted out of jail … Read more

Letter: Funds to spay or neuter adopted dogs all come from community donations

Great letter written by my good friend and fellow dog walker Laureen Yamakido published on … Read more

Mike McGuire and Democrats in state Senate should be ashamed

It is disappointing to see how low Sen. Mike McGuire and his fellow Democrats will … Read more

Letter: Del Norte Animal Shelter in need of volunteers, donations

Great article by Jon Alexander on May 4, however, a correction is needed. The county … Read more

Letter: Why can’t anything be done about homeless at the cemetery

I would like to know why something can’t be done about the homeless camping at … Read more

Coastal Voices: Mueller Report has been quite confusing

The Mueller Report is confusing and has resulted in a confused political response. Let’s see … Read more

Coastal Voices: New chapter starts for the Wonder Bus

As the executive directors of First 5 Del Norte and the Del Norte Child Care … Read more

Coastal Voices: Returning to Del Norte under the influence of Hawaii

I got a little sentimental when I wrote my goodbye column in the Triplicate five … Read more

Letter: Consider how to make things better before complaining

Thursday, I spent a few hours in ER. Yes, a few hours. This is one … Read more

Coastal Voices: Find beauty and enjoy your wonderful adventures

Dear Maverick, Welcome to the world, Kid. You arrived rather hurriedly on April 9 and … Read more

Coastal Voices: Fair board has failed in ability to uphold oath

The article regarding the audit that cleared the fair is certainly worth celebrating, however, everybody … Read more

Letter: Crescent City loses long time local poet, deeply caring soul

If you have lived in Crescent City for the past several years, you may remember … Read more

Letter: Stossel once again way off base in blaming politicians for unmitigated corporate greed

Once again John Stossel insults basic intelligence in his latest column on cronyism. He actually … Read more

Letter: Local law enforcement needs to do its job, or people will take the law into their own hands

I feel that the Crescent City police and the (Del Norte County) sheriff’s department need … Read more

Coastal Voices: Lily farmers targeted with no data for claims

In response to the Smith River Neighborhood Watch’s concerns about the lily farmer’s pesticide use, … Read more

Coastal Voices: Sanctuary State laws put all citizens at risk

“I will always be painfully honest, work as hard as I can, and hopefully make … Read more

Letter: Where are those “big beautiful tax cuts” now?

I am retired and living on Social Security and pension. In 2017, my tax refund … Read more

Coastal Voices: Coming together for town hall to tackle homeless crisis

Del Norte County is coming together like never before to tackle one of our toughest … Read more

Coastal Voices: Lynn’s Hope House gets boost from big donation

Sometime last year I was at a Wild Rivers Foundation board meeting and was sitting … Read more

Coastal Voices: Be bold at McGuire’s homeless town hall meeting

On April 18th, state Sen. Mike McGuire and local officials will be holding a town … Read more

Letter: Lynn’s Hope House looking for volunteers, donations

Lynn’s Hope House of New Beginnings is faith-based transitional housing for women leaving jail or … Read more

Letter: Stossel misses the mark on democratic socialsim again

Once again I’d like to reply to John Stossel’s column covering the crisis in Venezuela, … Read more

Letter: Telemarketing phone calls have to be stopped

The government says they can’t do anything about this telemarketing on our phones. I’ve been … Read more

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