New simpler guidelines for opinion submissions — tell us what you think

For some time now, we have been concerned that our guidelines for letters to the … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Tapestry of county fair

As old friend and brother, Jeff Parmer, knows, every story has a beginning and an … Read more

Wood's Way: Vets fought for Constitution; they should respect it

In 1899 following the Spanish-American War, an amalgamation of veteran’s societies formed the Veterans of … Read more

Take a look at this year’s Grand Jury Report

I would like to encourage the local citizenry to take a look at the 2017/2018 … Read more

Letter: Thanks to Sutter Coast staff for professional and comforting care

To Sutter Coast Hospital staff: My father, John Bohannon, passed away on July 24, after … Read more

Other Views: Make disaster and evacuation planning a priority

By Lori Dengler If you learned that a mandatory evacuation was in effect for your … Read more

Angels and Desperados: A Thank You Note to Cancer

The tunes were racked and chambered, Bruce as usual, some Motown and Chris Stapleton, Steve … Read more

Op-ed fails to make case for recalling supervisors

The case for recalling Gitlin and Berkowitz is the banner caption that promises to lay … Read more

Media frenzy over Russia not supported by political scientist

Martin Gilens, professor of politics at Princeton University, and Benjamin I. Page, professor of decision … Read more

Support recall of Cowan, Kime to rein in their spending

I drove down A Street and Front Street and even in my Lincoln it was … Read more

Let’s move beyond partisan politics in our community and focus on solutions

If there was ever a time to move beyond partisan politics and posturing in favor … Read more

Coastal Voices: The case for recalling Gitlin and Berkowitz

The community effort to recall District 1 Supervisor Roger Gitlin and District 5 Supervisor Bob … Read more

Fix Front Street before spending more money on signs directing tourists there

On the front page of yesterday’s newspaper there was an article about the Crescent City … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Celebrating our American republic

It’s Tuesday night, the eve approaching Independence Day. I look out at the flag that … Read more

Democrats should be looking in the mirror when they call Republicans names like Nazi

The Democrats have described the Republicans as Nazis among other things while they have employed … Read more

Crescent City is fortunate to have such a professional and kind police chief as Ivan Minsal

On June 29, I wore a gold charm bracelet to the Farmer’s Market. I did … Read more

Coastal Voices: Recall … filling in the blanks … and rumors

The current recall is not about cannabis, any hidden agenda by the proponents, nor is … Read more

Coastal Voices: Facts have never been a friend of Finigan’s

When I read David Finigan’s musings in Tuesday’s Triplicate, I have concluded that he must … Read more

Lots of info out there on Gitlin-Berkowitz bullying

We need to examine what’s behind the recent recall efforts against Heidi Kime and Lori … Read more

Thanks for Triplicate coverage of delegation in Rikuzentakata

Thanks to Triplicate reporter Tony Reed for the excellent coverage of the Crescent City delegation’s … Read more

Coastal Voices: We need to protect oceans from plastics

Like most of us, I never really gave much thought to microplastics pollution on our … Read more

Recall effort against Berkowitz and Gitlin akin to attacks on Trump

District 1 Supervisor Roger Gitlin and District 5 Supervisor Bob Berkowitz seem to under fire … Read more

Complaining about divisiveness creates more divisiveness

Personal experience has taught me that recalls of elected officials are not for the faint … Read more

Thanks to generosity of stranger supporting return of vet’s ashes

This Father’s Day myself along with several other local motorcycle riders had the distinct honor … Read more

Caregivers’ service is valued and they deserve a raise

I don’t understand the hesitation in granting these caregivers a raise. For those of you … Read more

Trump is traumatizing children, holding them hostage

I spent a career (20-plus years) providing direct care to children separated from their families … Read more

New recall effort dismisses recent history, is abuse of right to do so

I would like to offer my opinion of the current controversy regarding an effort by … Read more

Letter: Some suggestions for the future of the Crescent City harbor

I love our harbor and have visited it often over nearly 29 years of residence … Read more

Trump administration repeating mistakes

Let us do a quick history lesson: Frederick Douglass is dead, England burned down the … Read more

Sedgwick hardest working man in Del Norte County

Throughout his freshman year, our son has been actively involved in the music programs available … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Sunset class of '18, take your time

So different, yet so much the same… I couldn’t help but think, sitting in the … Read more

Thanks to Sutter, its staff for chemotherapy center

About 18 months ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer. About a year ago we … Read more

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