Op-ed fails to make case for recalling supervisors

The case for recalling Gitlin and Berkowitz is the banner caption that promises to lay … Read more

Media frenzy over Russia not supported by political scientist

Martin Gilens, professor of politics at Princeton University, and Benjamin I. Page, professor of decision … Read more

Support recall of Cowan, Kime to rein in their spending

I drove down A Street and Front Street and even in my Lincoln it was … Read more

Let’s move beyond partisan politics in our community and focus on solutions

If there was ever a time to move beyond partisan politics and posturing in favor … Read more

Democrats should be looking in the mirror when they call Republicans names like Nazi

The Democrats have described the Republicans as Nazis among other things while they have employed … Read more

Crescent City is fortunate to have such a professional and kind police chief as Ivan Minsal

On June 29, I wore a gold charm bracelet to the Farmer’s Market. I did … Read more

Lots of info out there on Gitlin-Berkowitz bullying

We need to examine what’s behind the recent recall efforts against Heidi Kime and Lori … Read more

Thanks for Triplicate coverage of delegation in Rikuzentakata

Thanks to Triplicate reporter Tony Reed for the excellent coverage of the Crescent City delegation’s … Read more

Recall effort against Berkowitz and Gitlin akin to attacks on Trump

District 1 Supervisor Roger Gitlin and District 5 Supervisor Bob Berkowitz seem to under fire … Read more

Complaining about divisiveness creates more divisiveness

Personal experience has taught me that recalls of elected officials are not for the faint … Read more

Thanks to generosity of stranger supporting return of vet’s ashes

This Father’s Day myself along with several other local motorcycle riders had the distinct honor … Read more

Caregivers’ service is valued and they deserve a raise

I don’t understand the hesitation in granting these caregivers a raise. For those of you … Read more

Trump is traumatizing children, holding them hostage

I spent a career (20-plus years) providing direct care to children separated from their families … Read more

New recall effort dismisses recent history, is abuse of right to do so

I would like to offer my opinion of the current controversy regarding an effort by … Read more

Trump administration repeating mistakes

Let us do a quick history lesson: Frederick Douglass is dead, England burned down the … Read more

Sedgwick hardest working man in Del Norte County

Throughout his freshman year, our son has been actively involved in the music programs available … Read more

Thanks to Sutter, its staff for chemotherapy center

About 18 months ago my wife was diagnosed with cancer. About a year ago we … Read more

Wholehearted support for re-election of Howard

I would like to take the opportunity to give my wholehearted support for the re-election … Read more

School District spends money on wrong priority

Regarding the Del Norte County Unified School District’s attempt to save money, Assistant Superintendent Steve … Read more

VFW ladies put on best Memorial Day feast

As for you ladies of the VFW Auxiliary, you really put on a feast for … Read more

Drop the agenda and just report the news

After seven loyal years, I have canceled my subscription to the Triplicate. According to the … Read more

Article about inmates poor taste, worse timing

In regards to the article titled “Inmate Expression.” It was tremendously inappropriate for this article … Read more

Why destroy what little the homeless have

Why do we spend so much time and resources destroying the homeless encampment behind Safeway? … Read more

Mason in “Democratic” guide is deceptive

Dave Mason stated in the Triplicate, in a huge full page ad May 17 that … Read more

Mason follows Gitlin and Berkozitz’ deceptive lead

They are at it again and I am sick of it. The week before people … Read more

Hemmingsen, not Mason endorsed by DN Dems

It has come to the attention of the Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee (DNCDCC) … Read more

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Triplicate article aggrandizes heinous criminals and murderers

I take great umbrage over the article in the Triplicate, “Inmate Expression,” which aggrandizes these … Read more

Continue to celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day

For many, Memorial Day means picnics, barbecues and outdoor activities. Although traditional observance of Memorial … Read more

Trump and his cronies are destroying the American dream

People of the world. America has the Devil in the White House. He is assisted … Read more

When Democrats point a finger, there are three pointing back

The Democrats are blaming everything on Russia and demonizing them when they (Democrats) themselves were … Read more

Will treachery trump loyalty in Korean summit?

In 1860, the U.S. was one country and in 1944, so was Korea. In 1861, … Read more

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