Wholehearted support for re-election of Howard

I would like to take the opportunity to give my wholehearted support for the re-election … Read more

School District spends money on wrong priority

Regarding the Del Norte County Unified School District’s attempt to save money, Assistant Superintendent Steve … Read more

VFW ladies put on best Memorial Day feast

As for you ladies of the VFW Auxiliary, you really put on a feast for … Read more

Drop the agenda and just report the news

After seven loyal years, I have canceled my subscription to the Triplicate. According to the … Read more

Article about inmates poor taste, worse timing

In regards to the article titled “Inmate Expression.” It was tremendously inappropriate for this article … Read more

Why destroy what little the homeless have

Why do we spend so much time and resources destroying the homeless encampment behind Safeway? … Read more

Mason in “Democratic” guide is deceptive

Dave Mason stated in the Triplicate, in a huge full page ad May 17 that … Read more

Mason follows Gitlin and Berkozitz’ deceptive lead

They are at it again and I am sick of it. The week before people … Read more

Hemmingsen, not Mason endorsed by DN Dems

It has come to the attention of the Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee (DNCDCC) … Read more

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Triplicate article aggrandizes heinous criminals and murderers

I take great umbrage over the article in the Triplicate, “Inmate Expression,” which aggrandizes these … Read more

Continue to celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day

For many, Memorial Day means picnics, barbecues and outdoor activities. Although traditional observance of Memorial … Read more

Trump and his cronies are destroying the American dream

People of the world. America has the Devil in the White House. He is assisted … Read more

When Democrats point a finger, there are three pointing back

The Democrats are blaming everything on Russia and demonizing them when they (Democrats) themselves were … Read more

Will treachery trump loyalty in Korean summit?

In 1860, the U.S. was one country and in 1944, so was Korea. In 1861, … Read more

Mason will make changes to put city on path to recovery

I am most interested in the race for Del Norte County Board of Supervisors, District … Read more

Fairy godfathers ride to Klamath Community-Senior Center’s rescue

Fairy godfathers are real. We, the board of directors for the Klamath Community-Senior Center would … Read more

Supporting Measure A, questioning harbor

I respect Clarke Moore as a person and his opinions but I have to differ … Read more

Single-payer health care a moral issue

To me, single-payer health insurance is the moral issue of our time: do we as … Read more

Angels and Desperados: Interview with an editorial cartoonist

Once again, greetings from the Bluegrass country of Kentucky. Seems we have entered the perennial … Read more

Trump’s actions, policies warrant some ridicule in cartoons

Recently some have canceled their subscriptions to the Triplicate due to cartoons less than flattering … Read more

No on Measure A — let the people choose who will govern them

Measure A, term limits for supervisors, on the June 5 ballot seems to me both … Read more

Do not let yourself be deceived into voting for Measure A

Dear Voters: regarding your vote on Measure A and whether or not to impose term … Read more

Measure A misses value of experienced leadership

Measure A should be soundly defeated. It is nothing more than a gimmick to limit … Read more

Triplicate’s civility standard not met in cartoon

You rejected my letter of May 6 for being uncivil and not accurate. I’ve already … Read more

Michael Henderson Reader’s Choice win was well-deserved

I was pleased and happy to see that Michael Henderson, Walmart pharmacist, was chosen as … Read more

Change park policies so visitors aren’t treated like criminals

In regards to the May 5 article “Couples wants apology from rangers”; I have known … Read more

Thanks to Hemmingsen, Howard; Measure A is unnecessary

My thanks to Supervisors Chris Howard and Gerry Hemmingsen. We do not always agree but … Read more

Many reasons to support Howard for supervisor

Our appreciation of Chris Howard’s decision making and leadership is one reason why we support … Read more

Democratic official continues attacks on me

Last week I was viciously attacked by a member of the radical wing of the … Read more

Gitlin’s term limits measure full of hypocrisy

Measure A is a term limit for only the newly elected members of the Del … Read more

Full support for re-election of Howard for supervisor

I, Gertrude Zottola, a lifelong resident of Del Norte County, fully endorse and support Chris … Read more

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