By Triplicate Editorial Board

Fifty years from now someone will unseal a time capsule put together by Del Norte Unified School District as part of this weekend’s Find Your Park! centennial celebration. Among items in that capsule will be a copy of today’s Del Norte Triplicate.

It’s a unique honor for us to be included. Hopefully it says we are doing our job, part of which is to serve as a mirror of what’s happening in this very special community. That is what we work hard to do with every edition.

And it is a special community: The pure fresh air, the tallest trees in the world, the way the weather changes in seconds, the rich history of our Native Americans and how we have such a significant population of them here still. The logging and fishing and a harbor that is home to the largest fishing fleet between San Francisco and Seattle.

Our elk, who appear and disappear in between blinks of the eye, the California brown pelicans who come visit each summer and the whales who come visit during the winter months. The Smith River and canyon where you can drive 15 minutes up the road and the temperature will rise 20 degrees.

A community with the foresight to build Kids Town and Citizens Dock.

The smell of the ocean, the sound of our fog horn, the smooth feel of agates washed ashore. The sense of community because none of us are here because we have to be — we are here because we want to be. All of this and so much more not mentioned, and not least of all … the people.

Yes, there is much to celebrate. We hope you get a chance to join the festivities this weekend. And we’ll see you in 50 years.

Unsigned editorials are the opinion of the Del Norte Triplicate editorial board, which includes Publisher Cindy Vosburg, Editor Robin Fornoff and Managing Editor Matthew Durkee.