Editor Fornoff: You’ve godda (sic) be kidding. A student at HSU writes letters to inmates at Pelican Bay Prison and it’s front page news (“Student writes letters to inmates,” Dec. 8)? A Coastal Voices presentation was somewhat inappropriate?

Maybe you’re right. There is apparently little else newsworthy affecting our community to report on to us readers of the Trip as evidenced by your begging for letters to Santa in the absence of all other letters which appear to be drying up.

As you informed us in your introductory editorial upon descending to the editor’s desk of the Trip, it was your goal to see to it that the readers (and writers) of the Del Norte Triplicate were going to be presented with both sides of issues whereby we could (hopefully) become more mature and discerning. And, oh yes, there were going to be letters to the editor...lots of them...and that meant pruning back the current crop of contributing writers to a single 300 word letter per writer per month.

I see in your shifting and nebulous editorial policy the germ of a great idea-the creation of an entirely new column of The Triplicate: Perspectives of Pelican Bay Pen Pals.

Feel free to publish this if you so desire.

Dale L. Bohling

Crescent City