Most of the time we can look out our window and see that the weather is changing. Other times we can just feel the weather change just by sensing it. Today I feel the change and I think you feel it, too. The change I am talking about is not the weather but in our local newspaper.

It has been a long time since those who hold strong opinions have had a voice in the Triplicate. Many were deliberately black balled from being able to express their views in the paper because they had the courage to put them on line first. This brought a strong condemnation from the editor of the Triplicate. Those who were able to write on controversial local issues found that their submissions were edited for content and the writer was forced to defend their views to the editor before publication. This has resulted in what you don’t see in our paper, letters to the editor.

Lately, however, change is in the air. Kim Fowler, the new publisher of the Triplicate, is beginning to see that the Triplicate is moving in a new positive direction. First, she had many one on one meetings with those who were previously banned from writing letters to the editor and Coastal Voices pieces. Next, she not only listened, but made the changes that have begun with the new editorial policies that were presented in Saturday’s editorial. Third, she is committed to see that many more voices and views are heard.

I have been a loyal subscriber to the Triplicate for the last 40 years. When done right, the Triplicate can reflect both sides of an issue and help heal the divisions that may exist.

Having a healthy newspaper is important to all of us. It’s what binds us together as a community.

Bob Berkowitz

Crescent City