I am responding to the article “Mayor responds to critic.” First let me clarify that I do not know anyone named in the article.

In the late ‘70s, my experience was not as a politician but as a citizen with a cause. Ms. (Linda) Sutter is incorrect when she implied that because the group did not meet personally with the senator nothing can be accomplished. One time I met with then state Sen. Barry Keene; trust me he knew nothing about our problems here in Del Norte County. Our group was able to met with staff of both Keene and Doug Bosco. Trust me once you make contact with knowledgeable staff you can make your issues listened too.

Today with email, text, etc. there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Our group was fortunate enough to meet with their attorney James Hooper; best advice he gave us was, “Politicians don’t understand anything but threats and pressure.”

So, keep up the fight. We need the Last Chance Grade fixed.

Virginia Bostwick

Crescent City