Supervisor Lori Cowan has been accused of being unethical and self serving by Donna Westfall, of all people.

Interesting, given the reputation Westfall has gained for herself in this community that she would be the one to define for us what a moral compass is and how to read it. I felt especially enlightened when she compared her defense of a “wrongly convicted” man accused of a horrible crime to Cowan’s support of a longtime friend whose husband was accused of a crime.

I believe that Lori Cowan has done the job she was elected to do. I believe this recall is a waste of taxpayers money. And, I also believe that Donna Westfall is not only misrepresenting the facts, she is unjustly attacking the character of hard working public servant.

Cowan has done nothing illegal or immoral. Let’s save ourselves $40,000 and ignore this recall. If the voters are unhappy with the job she has done in four years, they can vote her out then.

Tamara Trask

Crescent City