Thanks for including the Grand Jury report with your paper. I liked the positive nature and the concise form of this report. I am a visitor from Santa Cruz County and we have had a number of public organizations under a lot of criticism. We could do with such a Grand Jury to provide information to both organizations and the public.

I enjoyed the report on the Klamath Fire Protection District and noted the difference between my local town of Boulder Creek, which has a well supported volunteer fire brigade. The able KFPD chief and chair obviously need volunteers and funding. The Yurok Tribe is a logical group to provide some of the support. I suggest that the Yurok Tribal Police, as part of their duties, be first responders to fire and ambulance calls. There are a few cities in California that have combined police/fire departments, Sunnyvale being one of them. This makes sense in rural locations where well trained personnel are scarce.

Douglas D. Poffenbarger

Boulder Creek