Enquiring minds want to know.

Someone posted something on Facebook the other day about the fire incident that rubbed me the wrong way and my response was that I don’t like to put my personal business out there because it’s my business and a few other choice words to go along with it. If you didn’t catch it, it was quite comical because within 10 minutes the post disappeared and my 15 minutes of fame was gone.

But back to the scoop. The appropriate parties involved with the cleaning up of my life’s work are aware of the procedures in place to wipe it out and start anew. I might even shed a tear or two if I can force myself to watch. Saw a lot of kids grow up and a lot of friends pass in my time there. And I’m looking forward to seeing many more kids grow up but not friends passing.

But it’s going to take patience, the word of the day at the restaurant, and time, lots of time as I’m learning. And then it will be on to the next phase of this adventure — the rebuild. Smiley face.

Vanda Anderson Reichlin

Alta’s Burger Bar

Smith River