Out of curiosity, how many men out there meet the wife of a friend or relative and say, “Dang, girl, you look hot?” I see very little hands raised. Now, how many would say that in front of their wife? I see just one small hand. Mr. Trump, is that you?

What in the world possessed you to tell the first lady of France’s President Macron, “You’re in such great shape… beautiful” in front of her husband and Melania? That is such poor form, absolutely rude. If we lowly peasants have enough common sense not to hit on other people’s wives in front of our own, you should have as much as well. I’m surprised Macron didn’t slap you in the face with a glove and demand satisfaction with pistols at dawn.

You’re just making friends left and right, aren’t you? You are alienating the rest of the world and leaving them in a lurch. It is no wonder that China and Russia are filling the vacuum that America is leaving in your wake. They are reaching out and brokering trade deals with countries they previously had very little to do with. What is going to happen when this isolationism belief you are obviously building towards leaves us lacking needed materials to make our lives viable? We cannot make every material we need, so the countries that have what we want will charge an exorbitant amount.

I was on the jury where the defendant’s lawyer pleaded the case that his client was too stupid to commit the crime. I see the same argument with your lackeys Paul Ryan and Chris Christie. They come to your aid, telling the American people that our leader is a moron and not to hold it against you. This is not comforting in the least.

Brian Farr

Crescent City