It was 11:30 a.m. June 30 and I was at Safeway picking up cakes for my brother’s wedding.

I was wearing a dress and four inch wedge cork heels (not the best shoe choice for a ceremony on beach bluffs, but sometimes fashion trumps practicality.)

As I entered the store, the leather ankle strap on the right shoe came undone from the foot bed, leaving the shoe unwearable.

I took the shoes off and thought: “What do I do?”

I could borrow shoes from someone, only there were two problems: 1 - Not enough time (the wedding was at noon) ; 2 - I have (as my sister fondly describes them) “above average feet,” and didn’t know anyone with my size.

I walked/ran as fast as I could to the hardware aisle (size 10 feet are good for something).

A man there offered advice: “Get the Gorilla Glue, works every time.”

I walked/ran to the bakery department.

Marcella retrieved the cakes and started boxing them and loading them into shopping carts.

Joy in the floral department noticed my bare feet and offered to fix the shoe.

Within minutes, the shoe was back together and because she had been so careful applying the glue, I was able to put them on without adhering my foot to the shoe.

I could have jumped for Joy (literally).

Marcella pushed the carts out to my truck and carefully loaded the cakes so they were level.

Life is such an adventure…just when things seem to be going wrong, people reach out, offer help, and life is magical once again.

I made it on time, wore the four-inch shoes on the bluff and ate a delicious cupcake after the ceremony.

If the blessings I received that day are any indication of the success of my brother and his wife’s marriage, they are one lucky couple.

Heather Blankenship