As Triplicate Editor Robin Fornoff peels his journalistic banana (Oxford House is a bargain in my book, Aug.8) it is immediately clear who the villains are; the usual suspects...the Gitlin Cheerleaders, Donna Westfall, and Linda Sutter. Somehow the nefarious Samuel Strait managed to stay in the shadows this time with Supervisor (Bob) Berkowitz warming the bench.

The plot opens with Westfall’s flailing recall effort which, we are told by Fornoff is a political vendetta, which leaves the reader clueless as to the reason for the vendetta other than the thin possibility of “bullying” Supervisor (Lori) Cowan for flexing her independence muscles...hmm. Cowan, he says, has shown courage in standing up to the duo of Gitlin/Berkowitz and some of their “pet issues” two of which are blight removal and Last Chance Grade. According to our intrepid editor, Gitlin and his cohort-in-muckraking, Linda Sutter, have found a new cause celebre in Oxford Sequoia.

While Fornoff mouths the splendid reviews the Oxford House chain has compiled he has very subtly shifted his thesis from the alleged demonizing of the Oxford House by the aforementioned parties to a syrupy recitative of accomplishments by the Oxford House program in the recovery of otherwise hopelessly addicted people.

Suddenly we all agree. We all agree with turning people’s lives around and celebrate that marvelous outcome.

It seems that would have been a good point to end the article but the editor had to get in that one last jab at Gitlin with his cost of incarceration index comparison to the nominal price of the Oxford contract. That has the sound of he saying that these fair ladies would have ended up in prison if they hadn’t become Oxford House tenants? Sounds like it. I wonder if he has given any thought to how demeaning that is to these ladies?

Dale L.Bohling

Crescent City