Why is it Walmart is the only store in this town that allows dogs in the store? My husband and I shop at least three times a week and without fail we see at least one dog in the store.

My husband and I are dog lovers but we never take ours in the store. We realize service animals are an exception but none of these dogs are distinguished from the rest.

I’ve seen people taking their dogs in baby strollers, in shopping carts, in their owner’s arms and walking with their owners. There’s one small dog that is leashed to the shopping cart and is literally dragged through the store by the owner. I’ve also seen someone shopping in the food area with a rabbit.

Nowhere else in town have I seen animals in the store. Not only is it very unsanitary but for those people who have allergies I can imagine it’s very uncomfortable.

Service animals need to, in some way, be marked. And if they’re not service animals, then they shouldn’t be in the store.

Jill Bausch

Crescent City