The Thursday (Sept. 14) edition of the Triplicate is so full of crazy it’s hard to know where to begin.

First let me comment on John Stossel’s absurd piece, “The climate alarmists are wrong.” He sums up the state of earth’s climate from inside his denier’s bubble, which begins and ends with data on hurricanes affecting the U.S. There isn’t enough space allotted here to list the dozens of severe weather events happening with unbelievable frequency all across the world. Look it up.

Regarding statements made in the article “Gitlin apologizes others stick to guns,” the notion that a resident receiving public funds is subject to public scrutiny is ludicrous. That would suggest that every recipient of HUD, social security, government pension or a government paycheck is prey to public attacks.

(Linda) Sutter was at one time an employee of Pelican Bay (California) State Prison. Should the taxpaying public be privy to her lifestyle? Donna Westfall was once a City Council member. Who’s going to knock on her door to inspect things?

Everyone has a past, some criminal, others simply immoral. Everyone gets a little help from Uncle Sam at some point in their life. Hopefully, it all works out and we worry about the important global warming.

Diane Blackberry

Crescent City