The Del Norte County Veterans Memorial Building, 801 H St., is and has been infested with roosting and nesting pigeons, causing a health and safety hazard at the front foyer for years. This foul excrement is splattered all over the walls, columns, windows, light fixtures and the concrete hardscape.

Former Veterans Services Director Aaron Goodwin and I met at the site in August to come up with some solutions to eradicate the pigeons by using bird spike and bird gel to permanently exclude these areas.

We both contacted (Del Norte County Administrative Officer) Jay Sarina with county building maintenance to express the need to solve the problem but as of this date, nothing has been done except to power wash the areas when the pigeon feces gets out of control. In other words, kick the can down the road, much to the dismay the veteran’s services staff and myself.

Pigeon feces has more than 250 diseases associated with respiratory or dermal contact. Among them Histoplasmosis, which can cause serious health issues to those exposed. The county has installed bird spike as a deterrent in several areas but have been reluctant to permanently exclude these areas, probably over a funding issue.

The cost of the mega bird spike is minimal, usually about $3 per linear foot. County maintenance can use lift equipment to access the areas where exclusion is needed. This project could be completed in 2-3 days.

The pigeon infestation is out of control. Those who use this facility witness the unhealthy fecal matter collecting on the concrete foyer and elsewhere.

Those beautiful, recently painted murals adjacent to the front entry are in stark contrast with the disgusting and hazardous pigeon excrement.

We have had enough. Please contact the county building maintenance department and insist that this issue is resolved immediately.

Randy Zopf

Crescent City