After reading about the problems with patient care at Sutter Coast Hospital, I want to share my experience so that other patients will be aware of what can happen at Sutter Coast.

I went to the Sutter Coast emergency room after falling and hitting my head. Because of the head injury, and the fact I was taking a blood thinner, I was worried about bleeding around the brain.

Despite my head injury and my use of blood thinners, the Sutter Coast ER doctor sent me home, where I lived alone. I fell asleep for a few hours, then awoke with pain unlike I have ever experienced. It felt like my head was falling apart. I had severe vomiting.

I was taken to the ER, where a CAT scan showed bleeding around my brain. I was transferred via air ambulance to Redding. I still struggle with speech difficulty and memory loss.

Like others have written, if you go to Sutter Coast Hospital, you need an advocate. If at all possible, take someone to the hospital who can look out for you.

I write this with the hope that the local members on the Sutter Coast Hospital Board will listen and take action to improve the care at Sutter Coast. Better yet, hopefully the Sutter executives will finally agree to let another health care system operate our region’s only hospital.

Bettie Belitz

Crescent City