I was fully infuriated reading how three Del Norte County Board of Supervisors members decided they will rule this county and exclude the two they don’t like. How childish. They are acting just like liberals on the national scene who can’t stand it that their candidate lost.

This gang of three are a disgrace to our county. Roger Gitlin came in and showed how things can get done using very little finances. This was unacceptable to the status quo. Why is it liberals cannot stay within normal rules of rotating the lead position? Are they not able to share the positions?

Bob Berkowitz has experience that should be used. This type of childish action should not take place in our county. I would like to see the pay withheld from Chris Howard, Lori Cowan, and Gerry Hemmingsen until they get off their high horse and act like adults by utilizing all board members.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City