Chris Howard, Lori Cowan and Gerry Hemmingsen should be commended for not voting Roger Gitlin as chair of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors. Gitlin has shown he is incapable of leading fairly and objectively.

It’s ironic both Gitlin and Bob Berkowitz are complaining about being outvoted by the other three and being treated unfairly. This is a pattern.

Gitlin complained often and loudly about how unfair the previous board was to him as well as multiple boards he sat on. He was the focus of a grand jury report when serving as chair of the solid waste board. He was found guilty of unscrupulous activities that bordered on the illegal. He was admonished and subsequently removed from that board.

In addition, multiple local boards have requested he not be placed on their boards. He does not work well with others, especially those who disagree with his narrow views. Berkowitz is his cohort, his “mini me” in all these activities. Two peas in a pod with their own agenda. Its he and Berkowitz who are unwilling to work with Cowan, Hemmingsen and Howard, not the other way around.

Berkowitz and Gitlin both enjoy taking credit and patting each other on the back through Facebook posts. They both often misrepresent the truth or the facts of any given subject. An additional irony is they will take credit for work done by other supervisors, which is shameful.

This is not a liberal vs. conservative view as stated in a recent letter to the editor. I would never consider Cowan, Howard or Hemmingsen as being liberal and it really doesn’t matter. They have done a good job this past year and their hard work is appreciated by many.

I cannot say the same for the continued disruptiveness of Gitlin and Berkowitz.

MaryAnn Baker

Crescent City