Have certain members of the Board of Supervisors lost their collective mind? I’d really like to know.

For me, it started last year when a plan was presented to the board that could bring up to $300 million to our county was defeated by Supervisors Chris Howard, Gerry Hemmingsen and Lori Cowan. Can someone explain the logic of turning down significant federal dollars to fix our crumbling infrastructure?

At budget time, these three supervisors refused to place significant dollars behind the effort to clean up this county and get rid of blight. When asked to provide funds to bring more tourists here, they said no.

When asked to provide some dollars to fix our non-maintained county roads they said no.

And you wonder why this county can’t do even the small things that would let us move us forward. So, if you are comfortable with board members who are content to let this county stagnate and go downhill, then Howard and Hemmingsen should be your candidates in the upcoming election in June.

But you have a choice to elect people who are not stuck in the past. It’s up to you.

Doug Parton

Crescent City