The writer of a letter to the editor Jan. 20 got it wrong: “Berkowitz, Gitlin don’t work well with others.” I believe it is others who don’t work well with Roger Gitlin. They oppose him because of his strong sense of purpose and conservative views,

Gitlin has been in the forefront of many efforts to improve the community. His program Take a bite out of blight is just one example of many. He has been in the forefront of solving the problem with Last Chance Grade. And he took the lead in getting to the bottom of Sutter Coast’s tax exemption in our county.

He took the lead in getting Sutter Coast to withdraw its Critical Access application and he has been supportive of expanded, improved health care since the day he took office. Actually before he took office. Even before his first election, he made better health care a priority.

Gitlin has been a consistent advocate for our community’s health care.

Bob Sankus

Crescent City