After reading Tuesday’s Triplicate and the latest attack by the chairman of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors against two sitting supervisors, my reaction is complete revulsion. Chris Howard brought great shame to the board by attacking and name-calling colleague supervisors Roger Gitlin and Bob Berkowitz for voting against the continuation of the 45-day marijuana moratorium.

Who does this man Howard think he is? His disrespectful and hostile attempt to intimidate two members of the board into a threat to change your vote or else. This unwarranted assault is not what I expect of Howard, who should be concerned with bringing this board together; instead, his inappropriate rhetoric is clear coercion.

It saddens me to see the lack of tolerance displayed by Howard with obvious complicity by like thinking supervisors Gerry Hemmingsen and Lori Cowan. This is an election year and Howard and Hemmingsen are up for your review.

With regard to commercial marijuana, the growing and distribution of this crop poses serious concerns to our community. I’ve yet to hear how both Howard and Hemmingsen would vote if both would support a simple one sentence ordinance banning the cultivation and distribution of recreational/commercial marijuana which, Roger Gitlin and Bob Berkowitz wants to do to keep the state out of Del Norte County? How about you voters out there?

Ed Edwards

Crescent City