About a month ago, I attended the (Bob Berkowitz’s) Daily Town Hall meeting and I asked a county supervisor what was taking so long for the board of supervisors to make a decision on whether cannabis was going to be legal in our county. He said that the board was waiting to get the decision right.

“What’s right?” I said. “The board has had almost three years to come up with a decision. When are you going to decide.”

He shrugged and said he had no answer.

Finally, at the last board meeting, they took an action to legalize recreational marijuana in the county. Yes, after almost three years, they finally acted. Unless the board comes back with another decision at a future meeting, this is the final word on the subject.

On a side note, in all my years here, I have never seen an instance where the chairman of the board had personally attacked other members of the board for the mere act of taking a vote that he didn’t like. How petty and childish is that. He owes his fellow supervisors an apology for his complete lack of integrity.

Hank Northrip

Crescent City